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Whether you need a new website, mobile application, e-commerce application, cryptocurrency solution, marketing campaign, or SEO created for your business, the key to making the project a success starts with having well-thought-out creative brief.

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We are a group of young, motivated entrepreneurs and former software engineers who identified the most common weaknesses encountered by IT companies. We work ceaselessly to become your ally, prevent and solve those issues from scratch.

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Web App Development

We’re stepping away from standard engineering processes! Web application development involves more than meets the eye – creating interactive computer programs using standard web technologies.

The tricky part about web apps is that they store and manipulate data, thus involving an additional set of technologies. If you’ve ever used Mailchimp or Salesforce, you know exactly how an effective web app should look like, and we can build one for you.

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Mobile App Development

Did you know that more than half of the time spent in the digital environment goes to mobile apps? Smartphones are the go-to devices nowadays, with most businesses adapting themselves to mobile. The revenue gained through mobile apps is astounding, and the curve keeps going up.

What’s paramount to note is that the huge growth of the mobile world imposes unique solutions that stand out from the tough competition. With the total number of mobile apps reaching almost a whopping 9 million, creating something new becomes a daunting task. Rest assured that we’ll make it possible for you.

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IT Consultancy

Going from idea to implementation is a long process that requires second opinions. Working all by yourself or doing major changes in your ICT company without hearing a professional opinion might lead to disastrous effects.

Regardless of how experienced and proficient you are, there might be some blind spots that you can’t notice. That’s where we step in with ad-hoc advice and full guidance for executing your ideas.

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Digital Marketing

Leveraging the online market is no longer as easy and resourceful as it used to be. Overcrowding and the constant changes caused by technological advancements transform digital marketing in an aspect that’s difficult to tackle.

We can find unique and efficient ways to get your company’s message in front of prospects. DIPA Solutions can build your digital marketing strategy from scratch, seamlessly implementing it according to your needs.

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Staff Augmentation

Having the right team for your projects is essential to be successful.

We often try to have our development or design team in-house, but it becomes impossible for some companies, especially startups. Seeing this scenario several times is why Dipa Solutions generated this business unit called Staff Augmentation to overcome these problems.

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Software Factory

Considering that many companies adopt a hybrid strategy, sometimes it might be tricky to pick software programs to tackle all aspects. We can carefully analyze your company’s specifics and determine which software would be recommended for your day-to-day activities.

If you require a particular set of features, our experts are here to build software from scratch. Also, our vast expertise allows us to complete data migration in record time.

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Cryptocurrency Solutions

The finance industry is now revolutionized! With crypto and blockchain becoming the norm, companies need to adapt. Decentralized technology can be difficult to implement for some businesses, but we’ve been riding the cryptocurrency wave for some time now.

We offer our services for cryptocurrency exchange development, app development, wallet services, and many others. We’ll take into account your exact business needs and find the best fit.

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Expert E-commerce Solutions

Implementing responsive eCommerce solutions is mandatory if you want to grow your business in the online environment. Shopify already built its exquisite reputation in the field, but not everyone knows its intricacies.

We made sure to study all tools that Shopify brings forth, and we’re ready to use them to your advantage.

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