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Whatever you’re looking for, our dedicated teams will create custom solutions for your business.

It’s NOT just about collecting your business requirements and telling you how long it will take to create a solution. We start with a collaborative approach that actively involves you, the client.

Our Services


I need to stop wasting money on Paid Ads without results. I got a lot of visitors, but I don't sell even free shipping. I spent so much time and effort on my business without results. Does this sound like you?


Are you trying to build a successful company, but your software takes more than finding a parking lot in NY to execute?. You don't have an idea of how to start?. Let's build you something!

Hear it from our customers, not from us.

Why Dipa?

Our clients have chosen us for our suite of services and dedication to providing guidance from day one with total transparency. Our business model is designed to be as cost effective as possible while offering high quality assurance, making us the natural choice when you want a new system installed.

Our Dedicated Teams

Do not share TEAMs with other customers, no LENGTH restrictions, customize to fit your needs.


  • Monthly Payment
  • 30 hours- Project Manager
  • 30 hours - Developer
  • 5 hours - AWS Specialist
  • 10 hours - Marketing Specialist


  • Monthly Payment
  • 50 hours- Project Manager
  • 50 hours - Developer
  • 15 hours - AWS Specialist
  • 25 hours - Marketing Specialist


  • Monthly Payment
  • 100 hours- Project Manager
  • 100 hours - Developer
  • 35 hours - AWS Specialist
  • 45 hours - Marketing Specialist


  • Monthly Payment
  • Select Technology or knowledge desirabl
  • Select package hours that fit your needs.
  • Select the duration of the MSA

Our commitment with delivery

Dedicated Support
Signed projects that have been confirmed complete!
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We value our customer

Dipa was born out of the belief that technology and process can actually be a pain-free experience for our clients. We promise to not just deliver solutions but to ensure our client’s success from initial concept to deployment.

We are a technology and strategy services firm, enabling startups and enterprises to grow rapidly by infusing technology at the core of their business model.

Our model comprises three pillars; Work, Process, and Technology. Our Work is to build and scale digital businesses through technology consulting and handholding for businesses. With our process innovation, we bring disruptive growth in traditional as well as new market businesses. We use advanced technologies to change the way companies perceive, plan, execute, and analyze their performance across key areas.

Facundo Apesteguia
Founder of Dipa Solutions