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Founded in 2016 Dipa Solutions was born out of the belief that technology and process can actually be a pain-free experience; Dipa is a luxury digital marketing firm that offers services from marketing, to design and development. We are focused on technology and strategy, enabling enterprises to grow rapidly by infusing technology at the core of their business model.

What makes us different from other agencies?

  • Dedicated teams (You won’t share resources with other customers). This benefit will improve time and quality on deliverables.
  • 24/7 Support (We always answer the phone, so you don’t need to deal anymore with unresponsive providers).
  • Hire as long as you need it (Stop doing strings attached contracts).
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed are get your money back.

We have expanded our services to the United States, Europe and Latin America. 

Dipa provides services for different industries, and we know that we adapt quickly to any new market.

Our History

See what we’ve done in the past few years here on Dipa Solutions and grow with us

Dipa Solutions was founded in the US by Facundo Apesteguia, who was attending LATAM companies and helping them to grow significantly.


After significant growth in the region, there was a need to expand the market due to several requests from the North American area for good quality and fast delivery services.


During the pandemic, we consolidated as a remote team implementing different tools and procedures to become a Marketing and development agency.


We reached the European market, expanding our services due to different recommendations from previous customers, and we have acquired several VIP accounts from the United States.


Incrementing the team to bring 100% customer satisfaction and unforgettable experiences for any service you can hire from us. We are not just an agency; our labs are creating all the time new application to break the market. Instead of just bringing solutions that could reflect a change, we build interactive solutions to understand how, when and why someone will consume your product.


Building your products Our toolkit

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THE TEAM Expertise and Passion

To be the company our customers want us to be, it takes an amazing group of passionate people.

Facundo Apesteguia, Founder

Meet the head of our team of creators, designers, and world-class problem-solving experts.

Our company can adapt to different markets quickly by offering professional solutions that allow owners to focus only on their daily tasks. By providing partial or complete services in a call, we are ensuring that people focus on what is essential: having control over their project.

We have a motto of 100% customer satisfaction because we know and have experienced over the years what matters, along with the quality of deliverables.

Dipa reflects the perseverance and loyalty of the companies that trusted us, offering them professional and high-quality products quickly due to our dedicated teams for each of our clients.

Facundo Apesteguia, Founder

Abril Oehlenschager

Project Manager

Agostina Bonanata

Graphic & UX/UI Designer

Maira Legendre

UX/UI Specialist

Oriana Mowszet

UX/UI Specialist

Vishal Vashishta

Web Developer

Arham Mohammad

Web Developer


Backend Developer

Raja Hashaam

Content Writer

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Dipa is a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses succeed online. We work with everyone from startups to big companies, and we have experience creating strategies for all kinds of industries. If you're looking for an agency that can help you achieve your goals and get results, Dipa is the perfect choice for you.

We work with any industry that needs to get more exposure and drive more traffic to their site. We work have clients in a wide range of industries including retail, fashion, food service, hospitality, travel/tourism, health/beauty/personal care, building/construction/real estate development and more!

We're different because we believe that every client deserves to be treated like an individual. You'll never feel like a number here—we take the time to get to know you so that our solutions are tailored specifically for your needs . We listen to your needs, offer suggestions and help you find the solution that's right for you. What makes us different is that we're not just good at what we do—we love it! We take pride in our work and have fun doing it.

It’s simple. Contact us with your problem. Then our team will discuss and get a quote created for you. If you accept the quote, then our team will get started on the project

When it comes to our products, our pricing and our process, we believe in total transparency. That means we're open and honest about everything we do—from explaining why a certain option would be better than another one, to telling you what's included in your package and how much it costs. We want you to feel like you can trust us from start to finish, so we won't hide anything from you or try to trick you into getting something different than what you were expecting!