How Faster Can Testing Make Your Content Go Viral?

Viral content

If you post content on social media and expect it to work for you, you are not alone. I myself struggled a lot until I find that Testing is more important than Posting itself. You will not get results unless you follow this approach. This approach is a sure-shot way to make a lasting impact […]

A Checklist of Brand Strategy Every Business Needs

Brand Strategy

Alrighty, let’s break it down! We are going to give you the checklist of 9 elements of brand strategy that will pave your way to your brand success. Let’s dive in 1) Brand Purpose: It’s time to dig deeper than just making dough. Your brand needs a purpose, a reason to exist that goes beyond […]

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Inbox Using These Simple Tips

Email Marketing

Can you take a moment and tell me the number of average emails you or every other professional receive every day? Any guesses? According to a recent survey, an average individual receives 126 emails daily or over 630 emails a week. How many of them actually get opened is the story of another day but […]

If You Say Yes To Every Lead Coming Through, You Need to Read This

Marketing leads

In the beginning, I used to say YES to every lead that came through, thinking it would help me build my portfolio and boost my business bank account. Little did I know, it was a recipe for disaster in the longer run. It is a good strategy only if – You’re just starting out.– Trying […]