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Entrepreneurs Regret Making These 3 Team Building Mistakes

A vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream but a poor team.

A good team can take any startup to a whole next level…

And at the same time, a poor team can shatter the dream of an entrepreneur into pieces. 

Therefore, it becomes crucial for us (entrepreneurs) to build the right team.

Here are those 3 mistakes, you need to avoid while building your team…

1. Not Choosing The Right Fit People

I’ve heard many times from my fellow entrepreneurs complaining about their teams.

And I always ask them…

“Who is responsible for bringing those people into the team”?

Upon asking this question: I can’t hear anything from them—a pin-drop silence from their end.

If your creative team sucks at designing… it’s not about their lack of skills and creativity. 

Unfortunately, it’s about YOU who failed to bring the right candidates on board. 

Do you know what skills, knowledge, and experience you are looking for?

If yes, you’ll eventually build a great time.

If not, you’ll keep pulling your hair out in frustration until you really know who you’re looking for.

2. Not Setting SMART Goals

Most entrepreneurs don’t set clear and realistic goals for their teams.

So, their team fails to bring results to the table.

It’s all about setting SMART goals…

When I first learned about setting SMART goals…

Bang! It changed my whole life upside down.

And when I started implementing this technique into my business…

My team just surpassed my expectations and we got amazing results.

So always set (S)pecific, (M)easurable, (A)chievable, (R)ealistic, and (T)ime –bound goals.

3. Not Giving The Specific Guidelines:

You can hire the best possible people to build an unbeatable team…

You can also set SMART goals for your team…

But if you’re failing to communicate what you’re actually looking for from your team…Unfortunately, you’ll always end up going back and forth.

I have seen many entrepreneurs making this mistake over and over again.

They think because they know what they are looking for… So do their team.

But the reality is…

They don’t know what you are actually looking for unless you communicate clearly. 

Your team is always looking for specific guidelines from you so that they can achieve your expectations. 

So here’s the summary…

  • Don’t compromise on choosing the right fit
  • Set SMART goals
  • Give specific guidelines to your team

That’s how you can build a great team and turn your dreams into reality.

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