E-Commerce Experts

If you base your profit on eCommerce, you’re in the right place. We have plenty of experience with several eCommerce platforms, knowing all of its intricacies and powerful tools. These platforms are so popular that we no longer need an introduction for them, but it’s essential to know that Shopify is the preferred choice for business owners who want to take their sales online. It is a rich platform with features for every aspect you may wish to control in your store.

Using Shopify might be mind-boggling for a beginner, so that’s why we’re here. Our team at Dipa Solutions is home to Shopify experts with years of expertise using the platform. We know how to configure each tiny detail to help you meet your business goals. We browse Shopify’s Advanced panel like no other, and you’ll see results quicker than expected. If you want to integrate third-party apps with Shopify, we’ll make it happen swimmingly.

Regardless of what functionalities you want to add to your shop, Dipa Solutions will facilitate it. We’ll get your online store up and running faster than you think. You can also get a complete Shopify eCommerce store audit from our side, together with solutions to transform it into a high performer. Get ready to sell with us!

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    Benefits of E-Commerce Solutions

    You get to manage your eCommerce shop from one single place

    Setting the platform up is highly customizable and efficient

    You get to use in-platform marketing tools with advanced analytics

    Payments become much more secure, diverse, and organized

    Making your eCommerce website SEO friendly is no longer a problem

    You get full control over the UI/UX of your online store


    • A team of web designers and developers with experience using Shopify
    • Brand-building services to help you create a visually pleasing, responsive online store
    • Consultancy during the store setup process
    • Digital marketing and sales strategy creation and implementation exclusively for Shopify
    • Development and troubleshooting services for your Shopify online store