Anyone, we work with all type of companies, no matter the size of it. There is always a way to contribute with you.
We search for the right solutions, at the right price.
Startups, entrepreneurs, medium and corporate.
Doesn´t matter if you are starting or you have some things, you can always rely on us to help you.

At this time we have more than 400 of customers of different industries. We focus on real state solutions, custom development for applications, eCommerce, web design and mobile apps and Digital marketing.
But, we have been working with restaurants, cloth, security, labs, chemicals and much more companies.
We adapt our process to your company and the industry that it belongs to.

Our commitment, transparency and also that we care about your project.
That´s why we reduce our earnings and give you a dedicated team, so you can have a great experience with us.
Also, we share earnings with our staff. Is a way to have them motivated but most important to remember them that they are Dipa.

You contact us with your inquiry.
We setup a call with our founder or the team responsible for that department.
You get Quoted.
If you accept we start with our internal solution process.

At the end of the month, you will get a detailed report with hours and tasks for each time entry.
You have access to our project management tool, you can track your project live.
Nothing is hided from you during the process.

We DO NOT CHARGE YOU. There are not hided costs or extra fees.
You will get a pdf report with everything covered for your success in your business.
Why we do that?. We know what we can do for you, our technique and process is unique.