Industry: Events and Entertainment

Technologies and Integrations

The problem

Ifairs, an online events platform, sought to enhance its website’s appearance and functionality to attract a wider audience. They aimed to provide a professional and user-friendly design that optimized loading speed and facilitated seamless event management.


To address Ifairs’ needs, we presented a comprehensive solution that involved a website revamp and integration of Elementor Builder, Hubspot, WPML for Multilingual, and Calendly.


Website Revamp

  • We redesigned Ifairs’ website to ensure a sleek and user-friendly interface. The updated design and streamlined functionality improved user engagement and satisfaction.


  • We integrated Elementor Builder for enhanced customization and Hubspot for efficient event management. WPML for Multilingual ensured accessibility to a broader audience, and Calendly enabled seamless scheduling for events.


  1. Enhanced User Experience: The website revamp provided users with a more intuitive and professional platform, leading to increased engagement and customer satisfaction.
  2. Efficient Event Management: The integration of Hubspot and Calendly facilitated seamless event scheduling and management, streamlining Ifairs’ operations.

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