Mirabilis Real Estate Company

Industry: Real Estate

Technologies and Integrations

The problem

Mirabilis is a prominent real estate company. When they reached us, they were facing a significant challenge with the absence of a website or client portal. This problem was limiting their ability to efficiently manage inquiries and client relationships, resulting in a loss of potential business opportunities.


To address Mirabilis’ challenges, we presented a comprehensive solution that involved the development of a robust website, a tenant portal, and a program access portal. These interconnected platforms allowed for seamless communication and streamlined management processes, all facilitated by an online administrator.


Website Development

  • We created an engaging website showcasing properties, services, and company information. Implemented user-friendly design and intuitive navigation for a seamless user experience.
  • Additionally, we ensured compatibility across devices with responsive design principles.

Tenant Portal

  • We developed a secure portal granting tenants real-time access to property-related information.
  • Enabled inquiries, maintenance requests, and direct communication with the Mirabilis team, fostering stronger client relationships.

Program Access Portal

  • We Built a centralized portal for managing inquiries, property listings, and documents.
  • We Integrated a robust search functionality for potential clients to find suitable properties.


  1. Improved operational efficiency through effective management via the online administrator.  Enhanced tenant satisfaction and retention rates through the tenant portal.
  2. Attracted new clients, showcased properties, and generated leads via the website and program access portal.
  3. Increased online visibility, leading to a higher volume of qualified leads and revenue growth.

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