Everything happens in the online environment nowadays, so digital marketing gained ground in front of its older sibling. Traditional marketing is no longer as efficient as it used to be, as websites and social media become true tools for profit. Digital marketing brings forth plenty of benefits – obtaining relatively fast results with fewer financial resources, targeting customers with ease, segmenting audiences, testing niched markets, expanding beyond physical borders and more. We’re trying to make the best out of it for our customers.

At Dipa Solutions, we build and implement efficient digital marketing strategies. Our experts can cover your website’s Search Engine Optimization, be it local, technical, or link building. We’re here to help with web design, custom web apps or any other development service you might require – everything adapted to your business’ very own needs. Social Media Marketing or PPC campaigns are not an issue for us either – we’ll bring leads and sales to you in record time.

In case you’re planning to start your first eCommerce website, we’ll be here along the way, guiding you through each and every step. Your email marketing campaigns will stand out with us, not to mention how efficient your web hosting services will be if you decide to work with Dipa Solutions. Everything digital, we can cover. Go ahead and test our theory out!

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Your customer loyalty will be increased through efficient online communication and positioning

You will increase your customer engagement levels, thus improving sales

You’ll be able to target the exact audiences that are of interest for your services

You can track which of your services or products perform well and which do not

You’ll create a consistent sales funnel that will ensure a stable profit for your business

You can accurately measure the results of your campaigns

Services we provide

Search Engine Optimization strategy and implementation

Social media advertising services

PPC services

Custom web design

Custom web app development

Content and email marketing

Conversion rate optimization

eCommerce store building


We’re an unbeatable team of experienced developers who can get your job done in record time, at the highest quality possible

We’re affordable and flexible – we want to help clients obtain what they desire while respecting their available resources

We have awesome support and maintenance services, helping us manage long term relationships with our collaborators

Our technical support services are available 24/7, to answer your concerns and questions as soon as they appear

We’re one of the few companies that offer both offshore & onsite PHP development, based on specific customer preferences

We rely on Fast Data processing to support Live web application of all sizes

We faced 100% customer satisfaction up until this point