Improving Customer Relationship Management solutions should be at the core of any business. The customer comes first, and their journey dictates a company’s success pace. The process of finding customers is difficult in itself, not to mention how essential it is to learn how to keep them loyal to your brand. At Dipa Solutions, we have wide-ranging expertise with a multitude of CRM tools, on the likes of Salesforce, Zoho, or HubSpot.

The purpose of all these tools is to make customer management a more pleasant daily process, with fewer resources consumed. Our purpose is to help you choose and use these tools to your advantage, without wasting your time on technical matters. CRM solutions help business owners to establish clear processes for streamlining their relationship with clients. From improving contact management to tracking interactions, sending reminders, monitoring the funnels, or even reporting, these tools cover it all – and we’re experts in setting them up and reading the information.

We guarantee that our services will lead to a better customer retention and satisfaction rate, an aspect which will also reflect in your company’s overall sales revenue. Your business’ marketing and sales departments can have a lot to gain from CRM insights, thus blending many services into a centralized one with benefits for the long run.

Benefits of CRM Solutions

Help with gaining a better knowledge of your customers and target audiences

Visibly improve customer loyalty

Allow for anticipating needs, buying habits, expectations, sales patterns and more

Improve customer communication, thus increasing brand trust

Protect and manage customer data more efficiently

Offer sales and marketing insights that can be used for improving strategies and business models

Services we provide

CRM consulting

CRM tool selection

CRM configuration and customization

Data migration and integration

CRM development for custom add-ons

Testing and quality assurance

Risk management

User training

CRM analytics

Administration and development support


We’re an unbeatable team of experienced developers who can get your job done in record time, at the highest quality possible

We’re affordable and flexible – we want to help clients obtain what they desire while respecting their available resources

We have awesome support and maintenance services, helping us manage long term relationships with our collaborators

Our technical support services are available 24/7, to answer your concerns and questions as soon as they appear

We rely on Fast Data processing to support Live web application of all sizes

We faced 100% customer satisfaction up until this point