Information Technology governs the world we live in. With the Internet being at our very own convenience, businesses must find ways to adapt and expand beyond local borders. We’re here to introduce you to the most suitable technical solutions or IT infrastructures to help your company grow. Our technical specialists have years of experience as both consultants and developers, being ready to provide clients with a clear IT strategy for their business.

We’re here to give you advice and up-to-date recommendations for your business’ IT model. Regardless of what your goals are, we can analyze your case, establish a diagnose and refine your resources for the best possible results and evolutive path. Our team will catch the most promising opportunities in sight while finding methods to overcome potential challenges and assess what risks should be taken and whatnot.

With Dipa Solutions, you won’t have to worry about productivity and proper operations management anymore. We’re putting the entire plan together for you, and we’re there if you need help with implementation. With our external professional advice, our broad plans of action and immaculate communication skills, rest assured that your IT will be handled the right way.

Benefits of IT Consultancy

It helps with establishing a clear vision from start to finish

It helps business owners identify and respect various priorities in achieving their goals

It keeps the implementation process grounded and realistic

It ensures the lowest risks taken and the most efficient distribution of resources

It allows for a smooth execution of all required changes or processes

It improves overall productivity and operations management

Services we provide

Assessing current IT assets

IT strategy proposals and planning

Assistance with strategy implementation

Technology budgeting and timeline

Short- and long-term IT support


We’re an unbeatable team of experienced developers who can get your job done in record time, at the highest quality possible

We’re affordable and flexible – we want to help clients obtain what they desire while respecting their available resources

We have awesome support and maintenance services, helping us manage long term relationships with our collaborators

Our technical support services are available 24/7, to answer your concerns and questions as soon as they appear

We’re one of the few companies that offer both offshore & onsite PHP development, based on specific customer preferences

We rely on Fast Data processing to support Live websites of all sizes

We faced 100% customer satisfaction up until this point