Top Mobile Apps Development Trends

Over the last few years, the mobile apps industry has been through breakneck innovations and growth. Mobile applications are expected to generate more than $900 billion (approximately) in revenues via in-app advertising and paid downloads. That’s a huge figure! Right?

This blog talks about the top mobile apps development trends that may take flight in 2021.

APM & EMM (Application Performance Management and Enterprise Mobile Management)

APM and EMM are vital elements of the enterprise mobile apps development process. While APM is used to remove snag that slows down the app performance, EMM fortifies the security structure and increases employee productivity. So basically, APM is used for app testing and EMM for ensuring security.

Beacon Technology

Now, this is something that has set a buzz in the entire industry. Location-based mobile applications like Uber are one of the amazing benefits of beacon technology. Our anticipated list of beacon tech trends that might get big this year includes automated machine learning, AI-enabled chips, mobile payments beacons, beacon treasure hunting.


When it comes to the mobile ecosystem for businesses, the power of cloud computing is undeniably unmatchable. Not only does this offer a large database for mobile apps data storage but it also offers benefits like data recovery, reduction in hosting, less equipment cost, increased speed, reliability, increased collaboration & productivity.

Predictive Analytics to Enhance UX

Tech giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook are already harnessing the power of predictive analysis to enhance their UX. And the time is not far when all the mobile apps developers will begin squeezing the benefits of the same. The predictive analysis utilizes techniques such as AI, machine learning, data mining, modeling, and statistics. Believe it or not, this is going to rule the mobile apps ecosystem.


Though wearable gadgets are not new in the market, their use is likely to be increased in 2021. These devices have changed the way people interact with smart devices – hands-free and portable. Fitness trackers are already performing well in the market, and soon more companies will begin to use this trend in a variety of mobile applications.

Wrapping Up

With the arrival of the above-mentioned trends, the future of mobile apps development seems brighter and exciting. Integrating these trends into the apps will be a big leap, but we are sure the mobile apps developers can be trusted. Can you think of some other trends that might take a flight in 2021?

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